Recreational Classes (Age 5 – 18. 55 minute classes) Our main class type! Participants are divided into age appropriate groups and work with their coach towards moves and routines that interest and excite them. Our grade system is in full effect with everyone getting their unique award bands as they progress and pass each level. Participants will also work on various gymnastics skills and our range of floor apparatus to keep things interesting (and to sneak in some fitness and conditioning!). Fun, enjoyment and progression without pressure is the name of the game for our Rec classes!

Advanced Classes (Age 9ish – 18. 120 minute classes, minimum standards apply) Does working on the bigger aerial skills with a group of like-minded trampolinists appeal to you? Or are you interested in working towards competing in the sport of trampoline? Then our Advanced classes are the place to be! Get ready for more focused work and goal setting as we push your skill level to new exciting heights! Talk to a coach, or drop us an email today to see if you’re ready! While a minimum standard of ability is required, this takes into account interest, focus and coachability… not just what skills a participant can do. We want as many people as possible to join and really push their standards forward, so talk to a coach or drop us an email today to arrange a trial class!

Juniors Classes (Age 4 – 6) For our youngest of bouncers, our Juniors program is a specially developed class we know they will love. Based around the concept of teaching “physical literacy”, we mix work on the trampolines with a series of development programs on the gym floor. Each week new obstacles are presented to encourage new movements needed to overcome them, such as climbing, rolling, balancing, jumping and many more important fine and gross motor skills. These obstacles are developed and increased as our Juniors step up and adapt every week. This is a fantastic program we are very proud of here within SuperSonic!

Adults Classes (Age 18+. All levels of ability) Elite trampolinist? Ex-Gymnast? Total beginner? Our Adults classes provide a partially open-gym, partially coach led class structure, allowing you to get involved at whatever level you are! These classes are drop-in style, so just pop along on the day, as much as you like, and we’ll take it from there! Pay at the class by cash or card, or subscribe by the month for a much reduced price. After the 2nd class, we need to sign you up with yearly membership of Gymnastics Ireland, to cover your insurance. This can be paid HERE or navigate to it via our Shop & Payments page.

Home School Classes (Age 5-15. 75 min classes) Our Home-School classes are much like our Recreational classes, just set at a more favourable time for our home school crew. They are also a little longer, and have a focus on community and interaction to allow participants plenty of social time with their groups!

Squads (Multiple sessions per week based on program, subject to trial and invitation) The hardest working crew in the club, our Squad and High Performance groups work towards competing on the National and International stage! Talk to you coach if you are interested in following this path!

Junior (Start) Squad (Age 7ish & over, by invitation) For our very talented, youngest bouncers, our Junior Squad provides a talent identification program and a pathway towards elite development from a young age. Our youngest bouncers don’t know that however, they just love all the extra trampolining and special games they get to do! Talk to your coach or drop us an email for further info!