Getting involved is easy! First, check out all our class types to find which best suits you. Then, look at our timetable to find a day and time it’s on. Finally, drop us a line to book your free trial class (or if you need more info or help)!

Younger Classes:

Wobblers (Age Under 3) These are a new addition to our timetable this year! Open sessions for parents and toddlers. We take the trampolines out of use (as they are too big for our littlest gymtots without direct coaching). Instead we focus on varying floor setups involving our gymnastics mats and equipment to create a safe, soft play and exploration area for parents to navigate with their child, involving mats, mountain piles, soft beams, balls, obstacles and more. These sessions are not coach led, so come down for as long or short as you like at any time during their duration, and show your developing child a range of stimulating new experiences and movements. (Drop in anytime, no booking necessary, €5 per session)

1st Step Juniors (Age 2.5 – 4) This is another new addition to our classes this year. These are a specialist class for our youngest bouncers; small groups directly coach led, focused on foundational motor skill development as a basis for sporting achievement. Our coaches will work on the fundamentals of rebounding, jumping, muscle recruitment, flexibility, bilateralism (strength on both sides of the body), and all the important actions common across all sporting fields. This means much of the work will be done on the floor using our gymnastics equipment. This will be framed by SuperSonic’s positive, fun-based training ethos, to ensure our young gymnasts develop a love for sport, but this will be a hands on class aimed at accelerating participants’ physical ability at an age when they are most receptive to it!

Juniors Classes (Age 4 – 6) For our youngest of bouncers, our Juniors program is a specially developed class we know they will love. Based around the concept of teaching “physical literacy”, we mix work on the trampolines with a series of development programs on the gym floor. Each week new obstacles are presented to encourage new movements needed to overcome them, such as climbing, rolling, balancing, jumping and many more important fine and gross motor skills. These obstacles are developed and increased as our Juniors step up and adapt every week. Around this, we make sure to frame learning through play and enjoyment, so as to build the association between sport and fun. This is a fantastic program we know will grow and develop into a huge part of the club in coming years.

Main Class Types:

Recreational Classes (Age 5 – 18. 55 minute classes) Our main class type! Participants are divided into age appropriate groups and work with their coach towards moves and routines that interest and excite them. Our grade system is in full effect with everyone getting their unique award bands as they progress and pass each level. Participants will also work on various gymnastics skills and our range of other apparatus throughout the term (wall-tramp, harness, airtrack, ropes, etc) to keep things interesting… and sneak in some fitness and conditioning! Fun, enjoyment and progression without pressure is the name of the game for our Rec classes!

Home School Classes (Age 5-15. 75 min classes) Our Home-School classes are much like our Recreational classes, just set at a more favourable time for our home school crews! They are also a little longer, and have a focus on community and interaction to allow participants plenty of social time with their groups! We add in some fun games and elements from our camps to further make these classes unique, and encourage interaction between our groups, and variety of experience.

Extended Teens & Advanced Classes (Age 13 – 18) 120 minute classes, minimum standards apply) Does working on the bigger aerial skills with a group of like-minded trampolinists appeal to you? Or are you interested in working towards competing in the sport of trampoline? Alternatively, maybe you don’t have big targets, you just love trampolining, and want a longer class and a more mature setting to continuing working on your skills with other teenagers…
Our Extended Teens and Advanced classes cover all of this, offering a more mature class with options for advanced, focused, big-skill training, competition pathways, or slightly more relaxed, socially driven groups. Our Advanced groups will work hard and focus on their own particular goals, be they big individual skills for the thrill of achievement, or learning complicated routines to compete towards Irish National Finals.
Meanwhile, our Extended Teen groups will have more space and time to continue their recreational class approach, but stepped up in terms of maturity and autonomy in their direction, leading to a new freedom and ownership of their sport. They pick the goals, we coach them!
Our Competitive Squad will train alongside and intermingle with these groups, creating an exciting, positive, inspiring atmosphere for all involved… it’s a class we are really proud of!
While a minimum standard of ability is required to join this class, this takes into account interest, focus and coachability… not just what skills a participant can do. We want as many people as possible to join and really push their standards forward, so talk to a coach or drop us an email us to see if it might suit, and if so we can arrange a trial class for you!

Friday Night Open Teen Training (Social Teens) (Age 13 – 18, 90 minute class, all levels of ability) This is a new, long requested project we are excited to pilot this year. For any teens at a loose end on a Friday evening, who perhaps are looking for a place to socialise and find a positive, sports-focused friend group, or simply love the club and want to spend more time in the welcoming, supportive environment of SuperSonic, this is the space for you. We know being a teen is hard work, with so many outside influences and expectations, so we want to offer a club time where that can be put that aside in place of chilled, positive, fun training with friends!  In this class, our regular club framework is completely open for change and adaptation. Every class will be self-directed, with a huge drive on interaction and enjoyment as we train and play not only on the trampoline, but also on our Wall-Tramp, our rig, our parkour gear, synchronised trampoline… whatever appeals! We expect this class may suit occasional drop-ins, and unusual setups like additional friends wanting to join regular members on random weeks. Drop us an email or a call and we’ll be happy to help work it out for you!


Adults Classes (Trampoline & Open Parkour Training) (Age 18+, all levels of ability) Elite trampolinist? Ex-Gymnast? Total beginner? Our Adults classes provide a partially open-gym, partially coach-led class structure, allowing you to get involved at whatever level you are! These classes are drop-in style, so just pop along on the day and we’ll take it from there, whether you’re trying it for first time, or have some experience already!
Separately, we now have a large and exciting range of top quality, purpose built Parkour equipment in the club! This is available for open use during our Adults sessions, and you will find a diverse and talented group of parkour practitioners to train alongside in this new and rapidly developing side of SuperSonic!
Pay at the class by cash or card, or subscribe on our website for a rolling monthly membership for a much-reduced price. After your free trial class, we need to sign you up for yearly membership of Gymnastics Ireland too, to cover your personal accident insurance. This can be paid HERE or navigate to it via our Shop & Payments page.

High Performance Competitive Squads:

Competition Squads (Multiple sessions per week based on program, subject to trial and invitation) The hardest working crews in the club, our Squad and High Performance groups work towards competing on the National and International stage! Talk to you coach if you are interested in following this elite performance pathway. Alternatively, pop along for a look during any Squad training sessions… you’re sure to see some spectacular skills, and you’ll quickly understand why we need such a high ceiling! 

Junior Start Squad (Age 7ish & over, by invitation) For our very talented, youngest bouncers, our Junior Squad provides a talent identification program and a pathway towards elite development from a young age. Our youngest bouncers don’t know that however… they just love all the extra trampolining and special games & challenges they get to do! Talk to your coach or drop us an email for further info.

Current SuperSonic Class Timetable