2021 - 2022 TIMETABLE

Welcome to SuperSonic! As groups in the club are small, we need to make sure that children within them are close to the same age and ability. We also want to keep friends together. As such, you need to fill in the below form, and then wait for us to come back with some options for you!

Adults Class and all pricing info is further down this page, below the booking form.

So here’s how to book!
1. Use this form to tell us ALL the class times in the week that COULD work for you.
2: Then drop us an email at info@supersonictc.ie and we will then work out which of those classes have availability that suits your child’s (or children’s) age and ability, and contact you to confirm the time slot you want.
3: You can then come along at that time for your free trial class. There is no need to pay until after this class, so you are sure SuperSonic is for you!

If you only choose one class in the week, the odds of getting space is reduced, so be as broad in your selection as you can. We’ll let you know any and all of those times that have availability, and you can choose your preferred one at that point.

You can change your class times at any point in the year, provided we have availability, just let us know and we can work it out!

Interested in an Advanced Class, or Squad place for your child? Drop us an email or phone call and we can discuss if they are suitable!

Remember: All first classes in our Junior and Recreational programs are considered a FREE TRIAL. Fill in the booking form as normal and let us know on the form that you are a new member. You won’t pay anything until after your first class, when you are certain that SuperSonic is for you and your child! Pre-existing members should pay in advance of their classes, via the Shop and Payments link on this website.

Should you not be able to make it for your first class after it has been confirmed, please let us know, so we can reopen your place and offer it to someone else as required.

Problems/questions? Drop us an email and we will be happy to help!


Classes are on a rolling Pay Monthly Subscription, meaning once you sign-up, you will be billed monthly. All payments made via the SHOP & PAYMENTS page of this website. New members get their first class free, so no need for them to pay until after that.

JUNIOR CLASS: €50 per participant per month
RECREATIONAL CLASS: €50 per participant per month
ADVANCED CLASS: €90 per participant per month
SQUAD CLASS: €120 per participant per month

Annual Gymnastics Ireland Membership: €45

Please note: Gymnastics Ireland Membership is a once-off yearly fee covering insurance within the club and the sport. If a participant is a member of another Gymnastics Ireland affiliated club for the Sept 2020-2021 period, they will not have to pay this fee in both clubs.


Adults are invited to join us in Loughinstown at any time in the year, at any of our adult classes. These are all done in a drop-in manner, so come as often as you like! Just show up to any Adult class on our timetable, and we will explain & sort out everything for you there. You should still fill in the application form in advance though, as we will need your details.

We welcome adults of all ability levels, from absolute beginners to elite gymnasts. Just pop along on the day: we’ll get you up and bouncing with your coach and they will base your class on your ability and desire.

Classes are semi-open, with adults working with coaches in turn, and free to use the other trampolines and floor apparatus at other times if they wish.

Pricing: Adult Monthly Subscription €55 (or €13 if paid per class)
Annual Gymnastics Ireland Membership (inc. full insurance): €45

Membership is required to be paid after your second class, and will cover your insurance in any Gymnastics Ireland registered club for the period of Sept 2021 – Sept 2022

Please note we do not open on Bank Holidays, or other formal holidays. If in doubt, please check our Calendar on this site, our Facebook, or drop us an email!