SuperSonic Trampoline Club’s first and foremost priority is and always will be the safety of our members. Covid-19 has brought with it the need to adapt how we deliver our classes to ensure that safety, and we are committed to doing so in every way we can. The following page covers two things:

1: A run down of what changes to expect within the club in this regard, along with information on what standards and training are in place both up front and behind the scenes in SuperSonic, so you can feel assured and confident we are taking care of you and your children.

2: An important note on fees during Covid-19

1: Club Changes

SuperSonic’s Designated Lead Covid Officer is our club manager Colm Galligan. Under him are several deputies in this role, and all members of staff have received the necessary training on how to manage and implement Covid precautions.

All policies undertaken by SuperSonic are mandated by our sport’s governing body, Gymnastics Ireland and Sport Ireland. We are following a strict Return-To-Sport policy which must be meticulously met at every point before we are given permission to reopen as a GI registered and insured club.

Class numbers will now be smaller than before, meaning less people in the hall each class. Space will be marked out for each participant to be able to enter, warm-up, train, condition, store personal belongings and leave the hall while maintaining social distancing best practice.

The area SuperSonic inhabits is part of a massive larger hall, meaning the air-space and ventilation is as good as we can hope it to be short of being outdoors. We will endeavour to make sure airflow and ventilation is heightened on top of this by keeping external doors and airflows open and upping the frequency the air circulators run, in order to provide the cleanest atmosphere possible for all our members.

Coaches will wear either face-masks or face visors at all times.

Classes will now be 55 minutes in length to allow coaches to clean and disinfect surfaces between classes. Soap/disinfectant will be easily accessible at all times in the gym for participants to use at their discretion throughout a session.


Covid Questionnaire:

Participants will have space to line up in a socially distant manner outside the hall before class. We will require all participants to sign in using our Covid-19 Questionnaire before EVERY class. This form must be completed before entry to the hall can be granted.
The details can be accessed via your phone through a QR code or link which will be available along all the 2 meter social distance floor markers. This will take just a minute of your time while you queue to enter the hall.
We will only be open for entry to the hall at the time of your class, participants must not arrive early as access to the hall will not be granted until the start of class, as we will be cleaning and disinfecting the gym.

Temperature Check:
As you enter, participants will have a quick temperature check and then we should be good to go. Unfortunately, due to current restrictions, children cannot be dropped at the hall earlier than the time of the class and younger participants (12 year olds and under) or those who don’t have phone access must be accompanied by an adult.

Disinfectant Hand Wash:
Disinfectant will be available at the door which all participants must use on the way in.

Classes are 55 minutes in length. At the end of each, participants will be released back to parents from the emergency exit door directly to the car park to avoid unnecessary overlap into the sports centre itself.
Parents will unfortunately not be permitted into the hall to wait or collect, so we would ask for patience as we safely dismiss the participants at the end of class. Participants will only be allowed to exit on their own if they have prior parental permission to leave. All participants must be collected promptly to allow the next class to safely begin.

We have always had an open door policy in SuperSonic and have welcomed all parents to watch their children train as they so wish. In light of the current situation, we have to suspend this policy and ask that parents do not enter or remain in the hall for the duration of Covid resrtictions.
Should you need to talk to a manager or coaches, we would ask that you first attempt to do so via email or phone, or by arrangement. If the matter is more immediate please limit your time in the hall to what is absolutely necessary.

Note on Physical Contact:
At Levels 1 & 2, physical contact within sport has been deemed permitted within current Covid guidelines. Our policy will be that this will be voluntary between coaches and participants. The participant will be asked if they are comfortable to be held or hand spotted. Should either not be happy, we will find another way to teach the skill, without using hand-spotting. This will mean some progressions will be adapted (and may be a little slower as a result), but adapting has always been part of the process of coaching, and we are confident we will achieve and progress in either event!
In certain rare situations contact may be unavoidable as a coach may need to catch a child or adjust a landing. This is a pure safety issue in this case. Should you wish to discuss or understand the nature of this further please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

2: Fee Note

Important Note Regarding Class Disruption Arising From Covid-19

The lockdown in March 2020 was a hardship felt by the entire world. For businesses, the disruption was massive and immediate, threatening the continued existence of many. This lockdown affected SuperSonic in a way that stopped us being able to deliver the last couple of classes of the term (Jan-March), but still left us liable for the costs of those classes. Unfortunately, and annoyingly, we have been unable to offer a replacement of those classes. We apologise and ask for your understanding in this case.

For the foreseeable future, Covid-19 remains as a concern in our lives and community. While we have made every effort, along with so many others, to control and combat the spread of the virus, we cannot know what the future holds. To this end, fees for future terms in SuperSonic must be made with the understanding that further disruption is a possibility. This may result in cancellation of classes among other scenarios. In this case we cannot offer immediate refunds when the situation is mandated to us and is outside our control, as the club simply could not function under this scenario.

We are enacting measures to ensure this is avoided, including our upcoming move to a strictly “Pay Monthly” system, rather than a full term fees. This should ensure that the worst case scenario (another full lockdown) would only result in the cancellation of any further classes within that active month that have been paid for. As a measure to offer members recourse for cancelled classes due to Covid-19, we will have a form which will be active in June 2021 to allow members to apply to receive some reimbursement for those classes.

While we are hopeful that the future will see a slow return to normality, and the avoidance of all of this, we must consider that there may be many bumps in the road. This deferred reimbursement is done as a necessity of our business with the sole aim of protecting the club from financial insolvency. We thank you for your understanding on this issue should it arise. If you have any concerns, please feel free to discuss it with us at any time.

If you have any questions at all, just get in touch and we will be happy to explain things further. This is a difficult time for everyone, so we want to ensure everyone is confident in our setup and precautions.   /   083 066 7246